Young Scholars Summer Program at UIC

This program is a fun introduction to exciting topics in mathematics, applications of mathematics, and the work mathematicians do in education, research, and industry. Each of the two two-week sessions will focus on a particular area of mathematics, not covered in a typical high school curriculum, and its applications to science, technology, and society.

Every day students will learn something new, get hands-on practice solving problems and exploring new topics, and hear a guest speaker describe their work and how it relates to mathematics. Students will learn what it’s like to major in math in college, learn about how math is used in different careers, and meet fellow students excited about learning math. The program is run by UIC faculty, and instruction will be provided by UIC faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate counselors.

The 2022 program will run in two two-week sessions and is free to participate in. To sign-up for the mailing list to receive an email when registration opens, please fill out the form linked below. (Registration will open in March 2022).

The YSP at UIC is inspired by the YSP at the University of Chicago which has been running since 1988. The focus of the two summer programs is different: while the U Chicago YSP is a four-week, deep dive into one particular area of mathematics, the YSP at UIC is a series of one-week introductions to different topics in and applications of mathematics.

Mission statement

The goal of the YSP at UIC is to introduce a diverse group of high schoolers from all over Chicago to exciting topics in mathematics and to show them what it would be like to major in math or other STEM-related fields in college. Through excellent instruction, creative hands-on activities, and guest lectures we aim to inspire students and give them the confidence and skills to pursue mathematics in their future endeavors.


The YSP program will take place on UIC's East Campus. The program will take place in-person with all particpants following UIC's Covid safety guidelines.


Students who were in high school in 2021-2022 or who will be in high school in 2022-2023 are eligible for the Summer YSP program (rising 9-12 graders and just-graduated 12th graders). Participants will be divided into two groups based on age and school year.

Session topics

The two sessions will each have a different focus mathematically and in terms of applications. The sessions will each be independent; it is not necessary to attend the first session to attend the second.

Daily schedule

Covid Safety Precautions

To participate in YSP at UIC this summer, students and their guardians must agree to comply with the COVID-19 safety policies at UIC. Anyone who refuses to comply will be asked to leave the program and the campus.

The full details of this policy are available at the following link: Policy Number: EHS-4200-002

The policy lists details about face coverings, social distancing, and isolation and quarantine guidelines. An online health questionnaire must be completed each day. More details will be provided during the registration process in June.

Contact us

Contact the organizers James Freitag at and Will Perkins at


UIC acknowledges support for this program from the Institute for Mathematical and Statistical Innovation through its grant DMS-1929348 from the National Science Foundation. YSP at UIC is also supported by the NSF CAREER grants of James Freitag (DMS-1945251) and Will Perkins (DMS-1847451).

Frequently Asked Questions